Ybor City Geeky Gal provides social media marketing to small business owners who need assistance managing their online presence. We provide a full range of concierge computer services including Social Media Account Management, email marketing, ecommerce, and more!

One of Ybor City Geeky Gal’s strengths is working with the small business owners and helping them take their ideas and visions and creating an online presence for their company. Small business owners have many day to day responsibilities, and while designing and maintaining a the social media accounts for your business may not be the first thing that you think of when you wake up in the morning,  a professionally designed website and social media presence is the cheapest form of advertising. Your customers and potential customers are online, so why shouldn’t you be online too?

Ybor City Geeky Gal is a proud business member of GaYBOR and offers special discounts to other GaYBOR members. Contact Ybor City Geeky Gal today to see how our social media management services can be of benefit to your business.